Free Flow Tolling

We advised the Slovakian National Motorway Company on the design and implementation a state of the art nation-wide free-flow truck tolling system using satellite positioning. This system, implemented in 2010, is the most modern of its kind anywhere in the world.

Operations Research

We developed a passenger centric airport operations simulation to optimise passenger flows and aircraft operations. It enables decision support and rapid process evaluation and is currently used for both real-world operations and research purposes.


We currently develop a convenient to use and cost-effective Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) based reference system. It delivers 3D decimetre level precision for applications on land, at sea or in the air.

  1. Model-based strategic, business and operational planning

Typical clients activities

  1. UML based system specification and design

  1. Risk analysis, time series and spatial forecasting

  1. Process analysis, optimisation and documentation

  1. Researching and auditing technological trends

  1. Decision moderation and evaluation

  1. Experimental Testing and Evaluation of Designs & Procedures

  1. Mathematical-statistical modeling, simulation and optimisation

What we do ...

Schild & Partner provides operational and technical advice. We use advanced methods of operations research and systems engineering to provide insight and support for clients in large, complex projects.

We evolved from Dr. Schild & Partner - a management consulting company founded in 1975 - based in Bonn, Germany.