Road Pricing & Electronic Tolling

Since 2000 we have been leaders in the field of road pricing, specialising in electronic free-flow tolling solutions. We have been involved in most major European tolling system projects and the implementation of tolling systems such as:

  1. the Austrian Truck Tolling system (see:,

  2. the German Toll-Collect (see:,

  3. multiple studies and tendering processes (including The Netherlands, LRUC UK and the Czech Truck Tolling system),
    and most recently

  4. the French Ecotaxe system (see:

In one of our major projects we advised the Slovakian National Motorway Company (NDS, see: during the design, tendering and implementation phases of the world’s most modern fully electronic nationwide, free-flow truck tolling system - – rolled out in 2010.

We managed on behalf of NDS all technical matters during the design phase relating to the specification of the system. We then advised the requirements development during the tendering phase. And finally we supervised the implementation of the system in all its phases: from development to trial, roll-out and full-acceptance. 

In addition to this we have developed models and simulations to evaluate operational systems including addressing the challenges of On-Board Unit (OBU) distribution during roll-out as well as forecasting OBU demand.

We currently support NDS on operational matters such as quality monitoring and implementation issues concerning the „European Electronic Toll Service (EETS)“.

Further details describing the Slovakian electronic truck tolling

system, its implementation and some figures from the first few

months of operations are given in this document which is available

for download in PDF format.

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