Operations Research & Engineering

We use advanced analytical methods such as mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, and mathematical optimization, state-of-the-art engineering and project management techniques to support our clients in usually large, complex projects and difficult decision processes.

Examples of typical client challenges:

Airport Operations

The challenge:

  1. A new, complex airport terminal was designed and is about to be implemented soon. It is common that time from initial planning to the final opening of a major airport terminal spans many years. Because of many changes during that time the home-carrier airline wanted to evaluate the operational options. Short passenger transfer times and cost effective operation were the key optimisation parameters.

Our solution:

  1. Operational evaluation demanded a simultaneous view at the landside (passenger flows) and airside (aircraft positioning) operation while allowing rapid evaluation of options during workshops with key decision makers and company experts. 

  2. We developed a dedicated computer based tool to meet the client requirements.

  3. In a cooperative approach with the client multiple operational options were developed and evaluated.

The project:

  1. Client: Austrian Airlines

  2. When: 2006 to 2008

Satellite based On-Board Unit

The challenge:

  1. For the implementation of a major truck tolling system the client needed two suppliers of on-board units (OBUs). One supplier had to exchanged on short notice. To meet contractual obligations the client asked the alternative supplier to design, test and roll-out a device in about 8 months rather than 2 years.

  2. The client asked us to oversee and manage the project on his behalf and to find ways to shorten the development cycle while meeting cost and quality.

Our solution:

  1. We formed a small dedicated team involving all stakeholders.

  2. Through extensive design and development reviews on a weekly basis we ensured on-time, on-cost and on-quality availability of the OBU.

The project:

  1. Client: DaimlerChrysler

  2. When: 2002/03

Distributed support centres

The challenge:

  1. The client replaces existing customer centres and opens new centres in new locations.

  2. The client asked us to verify the capacity considerations and customer demand for the new locations.

Our solution:

  1. We developed a statistical model for the anticipated demand over the next 5 years at the new locations.

  2. In a cooperative approach with the client multiple demand situations and its consequences on the operation were developed and evaluated.

The project:

  1. Client: Fernwärme Wien GmbH

  2. When: 2010

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