Advanced Navigation & Research

Together with our partners we are actively involved in research & development mainly in the area of advanced navigation systems. This activity is partly based on client demand and internal desire for innovation. The created knowledge and insight is directly benefiting our clients in the implementation of large, technologically challenging projects.

Currently our research effort is focussed on these areas:

Use of high-sensitivity GPS for electronic tolling

We continuously evaluate the the latest high-sensitivity GPS technology for usage in electronic tolling, in particular in the truck environment.

Together with the Technical University in Graz we have evaluated the performance of receivers and antenna in different locations inside the truck cabin.

The results proved beneficial during the implementation of the Slovakian national truck tolling system. 

We continue to evaluate new technology as it becomes available.

Augmented satellite navigation for precision approaches and landing

In 2011 the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) will be fully to commissioned to augment the American NAVSTAR GPS for safety-of-life applications.

Today it is technically feasible to fly vertically guided non-precision approaches using augmented GPS signals. This technique does not require any ground based infrastructure. These approaches are a special category of RNAV approaches known as APV (LNAV/VNAV and LPV). They save cost and enhance safety.

Our research efforts are focussed on the operational usage options of GPS/EGNOS and APV. We work with the Austrian authorities to design and evaluate different procedures using various test aircraft.